Once Approved

Once your rental application has been approved

  • We will call the Primary Contact on the application.
  • A “holding fee” which will be applied to the security/cleaning/damage deposit must be paid within 24 business hours of approval (the holding fee will become your security deposit). Payment can be made at our office and must be in secured funds (Cashier’s check or money order, NO CASH PLEASE).  Once the deposit is paid, it will be forfeited if the applicant backs out for any reason.
  • The “holding fee agreement”, must be signed in the office with receipt of the rental deposit.
  • The lease must be signed within 72 hours after receiving it for e-signature or you may lose your deposit and the rental unit.  Be sure we have your most current email address – the one you check the most often.
  • Leases that cannot be e-signed may be signed at our office by appointment only.  Contact our friendly customer service staff at properties@rentalsbywindermere.com or call our office to schedule an appointment.
  • Once the lease is signed, you are obligated under the terms of the entire lease.
  • A unit is reserved and considered pre-leased only after the deposit is paid and the lease is signed.
  • Acquire renters’ insurance.  Learn the importance, security and peace of mind renters’ insurance provides.