Roommate Additions

Adding a roommate is simple.  Click on the Change of Residence application.  Be sure you have the address of the unit that you are applying to, and the names of the current occupants in the rental.

Are you becoming a roommate or assuming an existing lease?

If one or more other roommates are NOT moving out and you’re moving in, then you are a roommate.  In a roommate change you are assuming the remainder of one of the tenants portion of the lease agreement,  you are taking over the exiting tenants lease responsibilities until their original term ends.

Other information:

  • Rent prices remain the same through the remainder of the current lease term even with a new roommate.
  • Parking is different for every building, so call us if you’re unsure about parking spaces for all roommates at (360) 733-7944.
  • Once your application is approved, complete the following:
    • Pay the $500 “Change of Lease Fee” to Windermere Property Management at our office. (This is a separate fee from the Application fee.).
    • Read all related lease documents.
    • Sign the “Change of Residence” Form at our office.
    • The “Outgoing Tenant” should leave keys and parking permits with the tenant who stays. The tenant who stays should give these items to you, the new roommate.
    • If you are not replacing a current outgoing tenant, you will need to come to the office to check out keys and a parking permit (if applicable).
  • It is important that you do not move into the unit until all of the above is completed.