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Co-Signer Application

The term of the lease is as stated on the lease agreement.

As a co-signer, I acknowledge the following:
• My application fee will not be refunded.
• I am jointly and severally liable for any outstanding monies for the rental address for the term of the lease and any extensions to that lease.
• I unconditionally guarantee payment on the rental unit.
• I am bound by the terms and conditions of the lease.
• I understand that a sample of a Windermere lease can be obtained on our web site at, and cosigners will receive a copy of the lease to sign digitally at the email provided on the application.
• I shall upon demand pay the amount in default to the landlord/managing agent.
• Cosigners residing outside the United States of America or in the state of Texas will not qualify.
• Please provide income verification (current pay stubs, bank statements, etc.) and copy of your photo ID

I authorize Windermere Management by Ebright Wight LLC to contact Law Enforcement Agencies, Credit Agencies, and other references that may be requested. I hereby declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington that the information I provide on this application is true and correct. I understand that more information may be required to attain cosigner qualification.

GOVERNING LAW: This agreement is deemed to have been made in Whatcom County, Washington. The right of the parties hereto shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington and the parties that any such action shall lay exclusively in Whatcom County, Washington regardless of the county in which the parties reside. Parties agree to not contest venue or to assert the defense of forum non-convenience for any lawsuit filed in Whatcom County, Washington.

Cosigning Liability

When signing a contract you are liable for the entire sum of the debt. When two or more individuals join in a contract obligation, that does not limit their liability to half or whatever percent your portion may represent. All parties are responsible for the whole amount. Per Washington State Contract Law, this is called being jointly and severally responsible.

Translated, this means that if all parties are not equally participating in meeting the debt obligation, we have the option of going after all or any of the obligated parties. This includes cosigners. We make every effort to collect from the offending party, however if they move and we are unable to readily locate them, we have the option of enforcing the lease on the remaining individuals.

Comparisons: If two unrelated parties bought a boat, and had one of the parties parents cosign for the transaction and then defaulted on the loan with a balance owing of $15,000, the Bank would not assess each party a $5,000 collection account. Each party would be assessed the full $15,000 and until the balance was paid in full, it would show up on each individual’s credit as the full amount owing at the time.

Rental Terms

  • Application Fee: $45
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