Trouble Shooting Tips

If you can’t solve it, call us!  We’re here to help.


Toilet: If the toilet overflows, turn off the water supply by turning handle located under the tank in a clockwise direction.  Remove the tank cover and push the flapper down firmly into hole in bottom of tank. Clean up water on the floor immediately. Call the management office if you can’t get the toilet to work.  If it flushes repeatedly, remove the tank lid and check the mechanism to see if it’s working properly.

Sink Drains: Keep your sink free of hair and debris to prevent clogs. If your drains are stopped up, please call for maintenance assistance. We ask that you do not use drain cleaner due to the hazards of chemical use and for the safety of our service team.

Electrical General: If an outlet or lights or appliances suddenly don’t work, check the circuit breaker to see if it has popped off.  Don’t overload outlets, or it will be a chronic problem.  You might need to push the re-set button on the outlet.


Refrigerator/Freezer: If they are getting warm inside, be sure the circuit breaker is on. Check the plug in.  Check the temperature setting in the fridge.  If the freezer isn’t working, clean all items out and see if anything has stopped up the ventilation holes.  If it’s been warm very long, you need to throw out food that isn’t cold.

Gas or electric heat: if the heater isn’t blowing warm air, be sure all your vents are uncovered and your thermostat is turned to the right temperature. If Gas, verify the pilot light is on, be sure Cascade Natural Gas has turned on the gas, clean your furnace filters every other month.

Hot Water: Hot water tanks run out and need to refill. If you’ve done a lot of laundry, dishes, and showers, you might run out and have to wait. If it doesn’t heat up eventually, contact the office.

Garbage Disposal: If it doesn’t work at all, check the drain with the switch off.  If it’s grinding, feel for something like silverware, seeds or rocks.  If it’s clear and still not working, press the reset button on the disposal under the sink. There may be a reset button on the wall switch, as well.

Sink Leaks: Be sure the fitting on the pipe is tight. Use a paper towel to find the source of the leak and let us know exactly where it is coming from.  If you can’t fix it, call us, but be sure to put a pan beneath any leak immediately to prevent damage.

Dishwasher:  Check the soap to be sure you haven’t used hand soap or the wrong soap. Don’t use gel-tabs in the dishwashers. We have soft water in Whatcom County and they can lead to an overflow. The dishes should be loaded properly or it may prevent something from working.  Look for silverware or small dishes stuck beneath the rack.  Be sure the water valve is on and the breaker hasn’t popped. Check the garbage disposal drain since they drain into the same pipe.  Try running the dishwasher with no soap or dishes in it.

Washing Machine:  Check that both water valves are turned on. Double check the setting you are using.  Check the breaker.  Load the machine with enough clothes that it doesn’t run unbalanced – it will make a banging sound if it is. If that happens, remove the clothes, put a few back in and try it again.  Large towels or blankets are the worst for this.